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We are so happy you have found us. We're London Maine Coon Breeders based in the London area and and we love Maine Coon Cats. We pride ourselves on loving every little Smoke Kitten we have, nurturing and growing them into the purrfect family member for their forever homes. We mainly breed Smoke Kittens as we fell in love with the colour years ago. Other colours are available too so always worth getting in touch via the kitten form. We hope you find our website helpful and if you have any questions about Maine Coons we are more than happy to answer them.
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Maine Coons need grooming every other day - they have thick fur which can matt if not taken care of and also something called Stud tail which occurs in Male and Females. Stud tail is a fairly rare skin condition that occurs mainly on the base of the tail in cats. It is similar to acne in humans and results from excess skin oil, which is referred to medically as keratosebaceous debris, in the rear area of the cat’s body.


Your Kitten will also be exposed to plenty of human interaction via playing, cuddles but most of all they will leave us confident and happy - ready for you to love when you get to bring them home. It is important that you set aside time to play with your kitten as this will create a strong bond with you and your furr baby.


All of our kittens leave us vet checked having had thier injectionds, microchip and we advise you to take the kitten to your own vet to confirm your kitten left us in good health. The kittens have a vaccine at 8 weeks and another at 12/13 weeks, it is important to know that we keep the kittens for 48 hours after the second injections to ensure they have no reaction.


Many breeders do not test the kitten comes from "Negative Parents". That was the case for a kitten I brought. I insisted on tests from which they did as and the cat had PKD . We now test ALL kittens as PKD,SMA & HCM can be fatal.

UK Maine Coon Breeders: Our Story

After my dog passed away, I googled "cats that are like dogs" and here we are...

When we got our first Maine Coon, we fell in love with their personalities, fluffy fur, and huge hearts (that match their paws!). My partner and I run MySmokecoonz and we've been UK Maine Coon Breeders for 5 years. We have 6 cats in total who all get along very well..

We are both trained in Feline Pyschology and Feline First aid certificates.

Our cats live inside with us and are part of the family. They are free to roam whever they like inside. However, they prefer to have a lap to sit on - if there is one free!

Our cats are our absolute world, their happiness comes first. They are never left alone for more than 4 hours at anytime and if we know we are going out for longer than this, we have a cat sitter come in to play with them.

UK Maine Coon Breeders: We only breed our girls once a year.

We breed our girls once a year as we like them to be strong and healthy, pregnancy and feeding babies takes its toll on them and as I mentioned previously, health is paramount to us.

Our kittens are not seperated from their mother at all as we feel this is super important for their social and emotional wellbeing. Many breeders do seperate but in our opinon this is when issues can arise when they are older as they havent learnt vital boundaries from the mother.

When a litter is born we keep them in the birthing suite in our bedroom until around 6 weeks old when they can explore the rest of the house. The kittens are exposed to children and a dog, we also desensitize them to noise sounds from day 1.

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