Our Kittens

All our Maine Coon Kittens for sale leave at 13 weeks and come with:

– Kitten Packs from various companies
– Pet Plan insurance for 5 weeks
– GCCF Pedigree
– Neutered
– Comfort Blanket with the mothers scent

Each of our little Maine Coon Kittens for sale have all the love and nurture they need from the beginning. We believe in keeping them close to mom for as long as possible. This gives them lots of time for socialisation and learning vital lessons from mom.

Although other breeders separate, we see the issues this can cause. So we don't want that for our kittens. So instead, we ensure kittens are always close to mom in a birthing suite off our bedroom for the first 6 weeks of their life. This means they become familiar to people and noises from day one.

We believe that this long period of exposure to mom helps our kittens learn how much their humans will love them. As a result, our cats have a good degree of socialisation. Being able to model the right behaviour and love for humans for their kittens. Once they hit 6 weeks old, our kittens get the run of the house, getting used to children, dogs, noises, and being a little kitty. We believe this helps them be the perfect companion for every family.

We also offer Cuddle Meetings at 6 weeks old. This is a superb way for you to meet your new best friend, creating a bond early in their little lives and getting everyone excited for 13 weeks when they can come home.