Taking a New Kitten Home

Taking a New Kitten Home

We know you’re excited about taking a new kitten home, and you should be! Bringing home a kitten is the beginning of a beautiful love story with your furry friend, and there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself and your home for the new baby.

Things to Check Before Taking a New Kitten Home

Your Breeder

Your kitten will be shaped by many things, from their parents’ temperaments to their birth experiences to the food they’re given. Talking to your kitten’s breeder and finding out their philosophies on kitten-rearing will help you determine what your kitten might be like at home and as they grow up.

For instance, kittens who are separated prematurely from their mothers often have behavioural issues (such as separation anxiety that can lead to bad behaviour) or a fear of humans. Talking to the breeder to see how much time kittens are given with mum will give you an idea of what to expect with your kitten.

Your Bond

Much like marriage, you want to make sure you actually like your kitten before bringing it home. Cuddle sessions and meet-and-greets are the perfect way to bond with your kitten before coming home with them (this is also a great time to ask your breeder questions). Snuggle your new little family member and see how your personalities match. This will help get you extra excited for when it’s time for them to come home.

Create a Kitten Room

When your kitten comes home, it’s important to have a room where you can close them off with their litter, bed, and toys, so they can acclimate to the sounds and smells of your home. This keeps them from getting too stressed out. It’s only for a few days until they settle in. It’s also great to include places your kitten can climb and hide in their room, so they feel protected in your home.

Check Off All the Essentials Before Taking a New Kitten Home

There are some essentials to ensure you have on hand before your kitten comes home to ensure everything goes smoothly. We’ve created a handy checklist so you can have everything perfect before your kitten comes home.

Kitten Essentials:

  • Scratching Posts

  • Kitten-Approved Food

  • Food and Water Dish

  • Litter Tray or Box

  • Toys

  • Cat Carrier

  • Cat Basket for Sleeping

  • Grooming Equipment

  • Fast-Release Collar and Name Tag

How Many Litter Boxes Should You Have Per Cat?

A commonly asked question is whether you need a certain number of litter boxes. The more cats you have, the more litter boxes should follow suit. The rule of thumb is to have one box per cat plus an extra. For example, three cats would have four litter boxes. This might seem like a lot but think about it in human terms. If you had three people in a flat, and one used the washroom right before you, wouldn’t you want your own bathroom?

See the Maine Attraction When Taking a New Kitten Home

Bringing home the newest (and furriest) addition to your family is exciting, and we pride ourselves on finding great kittens for great families. Check out our website for more info on how a smokecoon might be purr-fect for you.

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