Top Reasons Why Maine Coon Cats are Great

reasons why maine coon cats are great


The best things about cats include (in no specific order); their fluffy tails, mischievous nature, tiny toe beans, and cuddles. Maine Coon cats have all these things and more in abundance, making them one of the best kinds of cats out there. We made a list of the top reasons why Maine Coon cats are great so you can see why we love these little fluff balls so much.


1. Their Loving Personalities is One of the Top Reasons Why Maine Coon Cats are Great?

Our favourite thing about Maine Coon cats is that they’ve been affectionately named the “Gentle Giant” of the cat world. Their natural disposition is calm and loving. However, they bond strongly with their human family, making many great snugglers fiercely loyal. They are so affectionate that they’re great family pets and are frequently used as therapy animals.

2. Their Larger Than Life Size

Like people, Maine Coon cats can vary in size. However, they tend to veer towards the larger end of the spectrum. Some Maine Coon cats have even been mistaken for wildcats. However, their sheer size makes them great cuddlers and excellent family members who like a little more snuggle in their cuddle.

3. They’re Friendly With Everyone

Cats at large have a reputation for being standoffish, but Maine Coon cats break that stereotype. Every cat has different personalities and likes, but Maine Coon cats tend to be friendlier with new people and cats. If you have a new friend coming over to the house, or you’re bringing home a new furry friend, Maine Coon cats are much more likely to get along great with them and make them their friends too.

4. Their Adorable Communication is Another of the Key Top Reasons Why Maine Coon Cats are Great

Some cats are quiet, sneaking in and out of your room without you realizing that they’re there. Others won’t stop talking, making trumpeting noises you’re sure will end with a “cease and desist” letter. Maine Coon cats fall in the middle of this spectrum. They’re not afraid to communicate with you through a variety of precious cheeps, trills, chirps, meows, and burrs. In fact, Maine Coon cat owners frequently find themselves having full conversations with their furry friends.

5. They’re Full of Fluffy, Furry Fun

One of the most distinctive things about Maine Coon cats, other than their size, is how fluffy they are. They come equipped with a thick, luxurious coat of fur that seems to settle around their shoulders like a regal cloak. With a variety of breeds and colourings, you can even get one that looks like a puff of living, breathing smoke.

Bonus Top Reason Why Maine Coon Cats are Great – Their Adorable Ears!!

Maine Coon cats are distinctive from the tops of their heads to the very bottom of their toes. A sweet tuft of fur at the tips of their ears looks like little antennas coming out of their heads, looking for more love and affection.

Find Your New Maine Coon

With fluffy heads and purring hearts, Maine Coon cats are the purr-fect addition to your family. They’ll adore you almost as much as you adore them (they are cats, after all) and take their place in your family. Visit our page for more information on how Maine Coon cats are absolutely awesome.

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